Portable tablet and pill hardness tester

Simply measure the hardness of your pills and tablets

To ensure that pharmaceutical pills and tablets are compliant, a tablet hardness tester can accurately analyse the breaking strength of a tablet and its structural integrity.

DCX Data sheet


The DCX system allows the precise and completely autonomous measurement of tablet hardness by applying a compressive force. The breaking load is read on a calibrated force gauge.

A rotating ring exerts a force on the tablet until it breaks. A dynamometer equipped with a circular support, recovers the effort and displays the breakage value of the tablet. After breaking, it falls into a low collection container. A protective cover prevents accidental splashing on the operator.

The reading is taken digitally, on the 200 N or 500 N dynamometer depending on the type of equipment chosen.


  • Portable and battery operated unit

  • Retention bin for broken tablets

  • Anti-splash cover

  • Force measurement up to 500N

  • Units of measurement N, KN, Kg, lbs and oz


Delivered with:

  • 4 AA batteries
  • Cofrac connected calibration certificate
  • Instructions for use


  • EU charger
  • US charger
  • Other force gauges on request
  • Other tablet sizes on request

Technical informations

Measured hardness

Up to 500 N


+- 0,5% of full scale

Spacing for tablet

30 mm

Measurements units

KN, Kg, lbs and oz

Display resolution

0-500 N : 0,2 N

Power supply

4 x 1.5V AA batteries


250 x 90 x 77mm


1 Kg


Anodised Aluminium

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