The manual traction / compression stand

The MDD Stand is a precision manually operated stand that is easy to use and allows a dynamometer to be moved regularly when hand hold is no longer sufficient.

The rotation of the crank at the top of the stand is the element ensuring the regularity of traction and compression.

The irreversibility of the endless screw within the cross member makes it possible to maintain the force on the part during the test.

This device is very popular for testing springs in association with a digital ruler.



Advantages of the MDD

  • Portable and robust
  • Crank + screw: stable, sensitive and precise (2mm/turn)
  • High precision with advanced dynamometer up to 1000N
  • Multiple options for better accuracy and ergonomics


Kit of two feet for horizontal position (1)
475mm digital optical ruler (0.01mm resolution) (2)
16 mm and 38 mm dovetail expansions (3) for easy gauge exchange
Manual Test Stand



Dimensional drawing:

Manual Test Stand

Technical informations


Traction / Compression


1000 N (200lbf)

Mountable sensors

Dynamometer / Load sensor


2 mm / revolution

Dimensions (Width * Height * Depth)

240 x 630 x 230 mm


6 kg


400 mm

Sensor mounting


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