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About ACRN

ACRN is an independent French SME, based in Normandy, with a strong experience in the design of measuring equipment.

It brings together all the skills needed for the control equipments design for today and tomorrow.

ACRN is known for its reliability and technical expertise. We have a long-term vision in our growth.

Our history

Creation of the company

Launch of the first electronic Torquemeter
Launch of vacuum leak testers
Acquisition of Mecalix company. Addition of force and dynamometry activity.
Beginning of exports, marketing of tube testers.
Creation of the Metrology Laboratory

Launch of the touch screen product range. Renewal of the range.
Commercialization of the motorized torquemeter. Change of manager.
Development of the agri-food market
Launch of new models

Know-how and manufacturing commitments

Our design and manufacturing commitments:

  • Integrate the problems and needs of our customers as much as possible.
  • Develop ergonomic and intuitive equipment.
  • Make our devices robust, adaptable, repairable and scalable.
  • Control and ensure the quality of the design and the entire manufacturing chain.

Our know-how:

  • To cross the different skills: mechanics, electronics, physics, instrumentation, signal processing, metrology, data processing and analysis, etc.
  • To imagine the integration of our equipment in the industrial installations of tomorrow.
  • To share with you a strong requirement of quality assurance.


Our CSR commitments

Integration into the local industrial ecosystem :
Our products are manufactured and assembled in Normandy. More than 80% of our supplies are made within a 300 km radius of our production site.
We solicit local technical service providers.

Anti-obsolescence from the design stage and throughout the product life cycle:
“What design choices will make our machines last more than 20 years?”
This question is a leitmotiv of our design office for each development. Robustness, repairability, scalability: these requirements have been at the heart of the company since 1997.
We continue and expand this process every day

Link with schools, universities and institutions :
We participate in all actions to promote an industrial sector that is dynamic, attractive and offers interesting missions, internships and jobs.

Environmental commitments :
All ACRN employees are committed to protecting the environment.
Design of eco-friendly equipment, integration of the carbon balance, digitalisation, rationalization of travel, waste recycling.

Sustainable relationships with our stakeholders:
With our customers, employees and suppliers, ACRN favours the long term, mutual trust and integrity in a demanding environment.

CSR responsibility

Our partners

A LOCATION at the crossroads of Europe

You can visit us at the following address

Parc d’activités de Moulin d’Ecalles
76750 BUCHY

Tel : +33 2 32 80 81 40