Quality control equipment

ACRN, designer and manufacturer of physical testing and measurement solutions for industry

Test your packaging, packaging systems and much more…


Since 1997, ACRN has been supporting industrial companies in their physical tests and measurements. We offer robust, high-performance equipment suitable for both production and laboratory environments.

We intervene mainly for :

Pharmaceutical industry Cosmetics Food industryPackaging Bottling Industrial lifting

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Our equipment and know-how can be adapted to many applications.

We develop our machines and solutions with the users in mind to make them ergonomic, durable and scalable.

A quality problem? A packaging test to set up?

Robust, ergonomic and efficient machines

  • ACRN studies, develops and manufactures equipment for numerous controls and measurements.
    100% Made in Fr an ce and control of the production chain.
  • Ergonomics and customer needs are at the heart of our concerns (manufacturer, quality manager, operator, metrologist, etc.).
  • ACRN machines are robust, and adapted to production environments (ine side, …).
  • A durable and anti-obsolescent design: Our machines are upgradeable, easily repairable and long lasting.

Expertise and innovation

Our design office is able to offer you on-demand adaptations to meet your needs as closely as possible.

Our skills :

  • Mechanics
  • Electronic
  • Computer Science
  • Physics and fluid mechanics
  • Instrumentation and signal processing
  • AI, Machine Learning
  • Metrology
  • Pneumatic
  • Quality Assurance

Our vision of the customer relationship

ACRN, a technical team focused on customer satisfaction.

We make machines that last for a long time, for a long partnership.

Our strengths:

  • Responsiveness
  • Systematic technical validation of your needs to help you make the right choices
  • A qualified and dedicated contact person
  • Support throughout the life of the machine
  • Control, after-sales service and calibration services in the laboratory or at the customer’s premises.

ACRN in numbers

Years of experience in torque, tightness and strength

Countries where our machines are present

ACRN equipped plants or laboratories

Equipment under development

Our references and partners

ACRN has surrounded itself with local, national and international partners to guarantee the quality of the machines and the support offered to its customers.

We work closely with various industrial networks in order to obtain precise feedback from the field, and thus propose machines and technologies adapted to current realities.

What if we started to
work together?

Contact our team and make an appointment with one of our project managers. We respond as quickly as possible to requests.