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Development of custom-made equipment

You need a specific equipment, you have a new packaging to test.
From the adaptation of one of our models to the design of a complete solution, our design office will assist you.
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Green projects

Your innovations in eco-responsible, recyclable or reusable packaging can lead to new control or measurement requirements.

ACRN helps you in its fields of competence for : development of equipment, adaptation, tests,… .

Discover here our projects carried out since 2018 in collaboration with our clients marked with an icon .

Here are some examples of customer problems:

Leak tester for soap refills

Cosmetic industry

For an original shaped soap refill, the ATS tube seal tester has been adapted to allow testing of this pouch.

Leak test for electronic device housing

Consumer electronics

The customer was looking for a low-cost device to test the watertightness of a plastic case intended to be immersed in the sea. ACRN imagined an immersion and vacuum test with a rise and fall of the case to avoid water ingress which would damage the internal components.

Torque measurement under industrial screwdriver

Perfume packaging

In order to be sure of the adjustment of its perfume bottle screwing machines, whatever the products packaged, our customer needed dummy and mobile torque sensors. They were used during the industrialization of the production line but also at each change of production batch….

Breaking torque of recyclable wooden spoons

Food manufacturer

In order to replace the plastic spoons with wood, this manufacturer had to ensure the strength and breaking torque of the spoons. We made the test protocol and provided them with a test facility so they could ensure the strength of their product.

Adaptation of a tube tester for recyclable tubes

Cosmetic industry

The appearance of recyclable materials for cream and shampoo tubes To make testing less destructive, we have developed a form of presser that limits marking on the tubes during testing. Compliant tubes are no longer discarded.

Cargo bay depressurization simulation chamber

Aerospace industry

To simulate the landing/takeoff of a helicopter, we have built a large box with a controlled leakage rate to test the resistance of electronic boxes.

Carrying out tests

You want a specific study for :

  • Test or compare new packaging.
  • Measuring forces or torques on industrial equipment.
  • Analyze a temporary quality problem.

Thanks to our equipment and know-how we can perhaps carry out tests to save you time or support you in the analyses.

Lipstick in full test

Lipstick mechanism selection

Make-up manufacturer

To select a lipstick mechanism from several suppliers, tests were carried out by ACRN. The test consisted of operating the mechanisms several hundred times to select the one that had the best opening and closing torque over time. Fatigue tests and graphical analysis were carried out by ACRN to provide tangible evidence for the choice of mechanism.

Implementation of quality control

In our fields of expertise (torque, force, dynamometry and tightness), we can assist you in the implementation of quality control in France and near Europe

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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