Pipe welding tester ATS-BOOSTE

Pocket & pouch weld tester for forces up to 2000 N

The ATS-Booste tube crusher allows to test, by crushing, the resistance of samples such as bags, pouches, promotional samples, doypack… up to 2000N.

Equipped with adapted and customisable pressers.

This 100% pneumatic device requires no maintenance or servicing.

Safety is ensured by a transparent polycarbonate casing that prevents the cylinder from lowering with the door open.

The design is optimised to limit operator control time at the edge of the production line and ensure optimum ergonomics.



Stop, start and cycle buttons
Calibration kit for measuring the internal pressure of solid tubes in compression
Calibration kit for measuring internal pressure for empty compression tubes
Special anvils to fit different samples
These devices make it possible to validate the pressure to be applied according to each type of tube or pouch
Higher strength models possible

Delivered with:

  • Transparent receptacle in case of tube breakage
  • 2 anvils of different sizes according to the diameter of the tube
  • COFRAC calibration certificate



Technical informations


Made of PVC on a rigid metal frame


Unbreakable transparent polycarbonate housing

Input pressure

Adjustable from 0 to 10 bar p controlled by a calibrated pressure gauge*.


Adjustable from 0 to 30 secondes


L300 x P200 x H380


15 Kg

Maximum force

1870N to bars: up to 2000N

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