Tube seal tester, doypack et pocket

The compressiometer, commonly known as the Jacomex or Pipe Crusher, is used to test the strength of plastic or metal-plastic pipe welds quickly and reliably.

Physically, it is a pneumatic or electropneumatic device that increases the internal pressure of the tube. This type of test, despite its apparent simplicity, has been widely used in industry for over 30 years.

It is possible to calibrate the tests with a calibration kit by measuring the internal pressure actually applied.

Indeed, the parameters of volume, filling rate and tube materials (PE, PP, Alu, Polyfoil,…) are important. Abacuses exist according to these parameters. We can assist you in setting up these tests.

This device can be adapted to other plastic containers such as flexible refills, pouches and other doypaks.

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