Develop your tube weld test protocols

The calibration test, associated with a tube weld tester, allow to mesure the internal pressure of a tube subjected to the application of a crushing pressure exerted by the compressiometer

Why use a calibration kit ?

Each tube is defined by several parameters such as his fill rate, his diameter, his volume or his material. The variation of one of these parameters, for a similar crushing pressure, named “external”, cause a variation of the internal pressure of the tube, this latter revealing the real resistance of the tube weld. In addition, it was more pertinent to refer to this internal pressure.

It has to fix a restricted internal pressure meeting the most probable requirements, namely that the tube does not explode under normal use, and that it withstands transport constraints.

Data Sheet Calibration Kit


Strengths of kit:

The use of this Kit is a revelant prerequisite for setting up a test (protocol validation, creation of abacus, observation of physical phenomena, etc.) beacause it makes it possible to correlate the compression tube value with its internal pressure

ACRN can provide with the delivery of the system, an abacus validated during these years of experience.


You just have to open the valve to fill the water pipe. During the external effort, a pressure balance is then created between the water and the product, pressure reported at the level of the manometer, protected by a water membrane during compression.


  • Easy to use and affordable
  • Establishment of a reliable weld resistance test protocol according to transport requirements
  • Adaptable to all types of samples
  • Adapted to the production envrionment / Robust
  • Many different pressers to reach the target internal pressure
Kit if caps equipped in addition to the two supplied

Nb: ACRN can also realize these tests for you. Contact us.

Delivered with:

  • Explanatory manual of physical principles
  • Detailled procedure for taking measurements and creating the chart
  • 2 caps equipped

Calibration Kit

Technical informations

Measurement mode

Internal pressure

Internal pressure range

From 0 to 6 bars

Material Used

Thermoplastic material (PP, PEP, EST, etc.)


+/- 0.1 bar


L 200 x P 100 x H 265 mm


2 Kg


1 year

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