Mecmesin Vortex-I automated torque tester

The optimized model with unlimited possibilities

The Vortex-I is a automated torque tester controlled by software running on a PC.

Accurate, easy to use, and optimized by the choice of its materials and features, it allows the measurement of static torque up to 10 N.m.

The leading flexible solution for automated torque testing on a wide range of plugs and components.

Vortex-I Data Sheet


The vortex-i is a simple and effective solution for simulating your everyday torque applications in many industries.

A robust two-post frame capable of applying torque up to 10 N.m (90

Large and wide enough to accept a variety of test specimens, yet compact for use as laboratory equipment.

Benefits of the Vortex-I

Gripping plate

Versatile (optional) fully adjustable to position and secure a wide range of samples. Custom accessories also available upon request.

Axial load” function

To apply a fixed load while performing torque tests. Ideal for testing child-resistant caps (CRC).

Robust design

Robust and waterproof base, ideal for use in production and laboratory. Designed in a controlled environment with CE marking to meet European safety and environmental protection standards.

Torque Direction

Or move the motor in manual mode.

Emergency stop button

For safety and CE compliance.

Power indication LED

Fuse and on/off button at the back of the machine.




Emperor Software

The Emperor software is designed to work with Traction/Compression benches. It is suitable for use in a laboratory or factory. It integrates 2 operating modes:

  • A Console mode, which allows to create simple programs and to control the device with a minimum of buttons. Several prerecorded tests are available. This mode is suitable for factory use.
  • A programmed test mode, more complete to push the capabilities of the traction benches even further.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Construction of step-by-step test routines
  • One-click selection of preferred test procedures


  • Real time graph
  • Display of measured and calculated values
  • Clear and precise indication of conformity (Pass/Fail)


  • Standard and customizable models
  • Print results in Adobe PDF format
  • Export of the results to an Excel document and SPC


Digital reading of load / angle / speed Yes
Communication with test stand Via port RS232 or USB port (converter supplied)
Computer requirements 100 Mb available HD, CD-Rom + RS232/USB port available
Operating System (OS) Compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
Acquisition speed Choice of 1000 Hz, 500 Hz, 50 Hz, and 10 Hz
Secondary input Event input (switch), digital controls I/O ports
Data output RS232 port (directly or via USB/network converter in ASCII format) ASCII (Export to table, SPC software…)

Technical informations

Accuracy Torque measurement

±0.5% of full scale

Resolution Torque measurement



mN.m,, N.m,,,, lbf.ft, lbf.inVitesse

Speed range

0.1 – 20 rpm (in both directions)

Velocity precision

±1% of the indicated speed

Velocity resolution

±0.1 rpm

Rotation maximale

2440 trs

Accuracy of rotation

0,2“ by 36,000°

Resolution rotation

0,001 trs (±0,2°)

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