Mecmesin Multitest-DV Traction Bench

Motorized traction / compression stand

The multitest-DV is a versatile and compact motorized test bench, offering excellent value for money. It allows to realize precise tensile / compression tests, in particular thanks to its sophisticated electronic components and its egonomic control plate.

The single-column bench offers a wide range of functions, especially when it combined with an advanced force sensor. Moreover, coupled with powerful software, it will be easy for you to trace and process, in a complete way, your acquisition data.

Finally, thanks to the multiple adaptable accessories on the stand, it will be able to fully meet your needs while staying as close as possible to your budget. Its small size and robustness will faciliate testing in the production area and provide quality control in the laboratory.

Multitest-DV Data Sheet


Vector Pro Lite

  • Program creation

-Test permissions

– Test operation

-Results: calculation of air, average, fit, peak, etc.

  • Real-time curve

Instant calculation

-Compliant / non-compliant result

Revisions results: curve comparison, invert axes, zoom, etc.

  • Processing results

Graph comparison

Parameter adjustment

-Export of raw data or in the form of tables, in Excel, or PDF format for test reports.


Various applications:

Various applications Multitest-Dv



Vector Pro Lite Software Connection with Stand + AFG or BFG
Vector Pro MT Software Connection with Stand + ELC (material test)

Technical informations


0.5 kN, 1 kN, 2.5 kN

Mountable sensors

Digital force gauge, force sensor

Test mode

– Manual in traction / compression
– between 2 trips / – between 2 limits / – between 2 loads

2 Test levels with AFG dynamometer

0.5 kN / 1 kN: Autonomous (Peak value / Displacement limit)
2.5 kN: Load limit / Breaking limit

Displacement resolution

0.001 mm

Position precision

+ / – 0.130/300mm

Velocity range (Nb test / cycle)

0.1 à 1200 mm/min 9999

Velocity resolution

0.1mm / min

Velocity precision

+ / – 0.2% of the indicated velocity

Power supply

230 V AC 50 Hz / 110V AC 60 Hz


0.5 kN: 120W
1 kN: 200W
2.5 kN: 250W


Locktable thumbwheel

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