Mecmesin Vortex-DV motorised torque tester

A powerful and versatile model

The Vortex-DV is a versatile, cost-effective motorised torque tester that consists of a precision test stand with a wide range of torque transducers, an AFTI or XA-m digital display, and appropriate accessories.

This robust and easy-to-use system is ideal for both laboratory R&D and production quality control. Compared to manual equipment.

It significantly improves results with better gripping capabilities and precise speed control. In addition, it eliminates repetitive strain injuries for users.

USB connection

Connected to a PC with VECTOR PRO LITE software to set up features such as results storage, continuous data capture, curve plotting, calculations and basic statistics.



The VORTEX-DV controls

The Vortex-DV features an easy-to-use control panel for precise selection of test parameters. From a manufacturing process whose quality has already been proven for several decades, this bench has completely new control commands ensuring superior performance at an attractive price.

It can be used as a stand-alone unit with a digital display or in combination with VectorPro Lite software for data acquisition, plotting and analysis with storage of test routine settings.


Create the system that suits you..:

To configure a Vortex-DV system you need to purchase separately:

  • the Vortex-dV test stand: the Vortex-dV multi-function wheel allows you to select the speed of the test, the direction of rotation and the procedures already recorded: Half cycle / Multiple cycles / Activate towards a limit / Activate towards an angle
  • A choice of 1.5 N.m, 3 N.m, 6 N.m, or 10 N.m torque sensors
  • AFTI or XA-m torque display and interface cable :

– The AFTI display, when connected to the torque sensor, measures torque and captures peak values.

– Results can be transmitted to a PC or printer, or to your SPC or quality software

  • Appropriate gripping accessories for your samples: A multitude of grippers and accessories are available to hold your samples



  • Program creation:

-testing requirements

test operations

– results: air, average, fit, peak, etc.

  • Real-time curves:

Instant calculation

– Compliant/non-compliant result

Revisions results: curve comparison, invert axes, zoom, etc.

  • Processing results

Graph comparison

Parameter adjustment

Export of raw or tabulated data in Excel or PDF format for test reports.


Vector Pro Lite Software Connection with stand + AFG or BFG
Vector Pro MT Software Connection with stand + ELC (Material test)

Technical informations

Maximum height

505 mm (19.9") 448 mm (17.6")

Width between columns

280 mm (11.02")


19.5 kg (48lb)


230 V AC 50 Hz or 110 V AC 60 Hz

Maximum power

100 W

Torque units

mN.m, N.m,,, (from AFTI)

Speed range

0.1 rpm at 30 rpm (clockwise and counterclockwise)

Maximum displacement

8000 revolutions


0.2° per 36,000


0.1 (0.001 turns)

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