AFTI measuring console for sensors

Advanced force & torque indicator

The AFTI is a high-specification display unit, for use with many “smart” force and torque sensors.

Ideal for use in production, quality-control or in research and development, its dual-function keypad makes operation simple. With its rugged housing being machined from lighweight aluminium, the ergonomic AFTI is powered through a mains adaptor (supplied) or standard rechargeable AAA batteries..

Interchangeable “Smart” sensors are plug and play. Simply connect a force or torque sensor to the AFTI and its calibration data will be automatically recognised without any operator input required.

AFTI Data Sheet


Feature details

  • Max and 1st pic mode – identify critical load points from the test
  • High data acquisition – accurately captures breaking force readings
  • Audible and visual compliance alarms – immediately alert operators during testing
  • Overload warning with bar graph – to minimize accidental sensor damage
  • Integrated storage for up to 500 readings – test quickly now and download results later
  • Data transfer via RS232, digimatic or analog – data output to a PC or printer for later analysis
  • Connection of force and external torque sensors possible – becomes a versatile display for many different applications

Delivered with:

  • Transport case
  • Charger UE 220V
  • 5 battery type AAA
  • COFRAC calibration certificate
  • A user manual


Numerous force and torque sensors
Vector Pro Lite software for data processing / acquisition (1 license)
AFTI cable to Mitutoyo
AFTI cable to RS232
AFTI to USB Direct
AFTI to Port Analogique
DataXport software to export data to Excel

Technical informations

Torque measurement units

N.m, mN.m, cN.m, daN.m,
mN, N, kN, gf, kgf, ozf, lbf

Internal sampling rate

5000 Hz

Dimensions (Width*Height*Depth)

70 x 201 x 32mm



Overload rating

150 % of full-scale
Audible alarm

Output data

RS232, digimatic, analogic


LCD backlit screen with reversible display

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