The latest-generation playback console

The VFTI readout console features a powerful and versatile touchscreen, and can be used with force and torque sensors. It is ideal for testing where precision and flexibility are key requirements.

Running on the Vector OS platform, this reading console instantly recognizes connected sensors without operator intervention. Ideal as a portable device for testing on the move, or as an integrated measuring device in your own test bench.


A device offering ergonomics and precision

The VFTI measuring console is equipped with a touch screen and a host of innovative features to meet the key requirements of most force and torque measurement applications.

It is connected to the various force and torque transducers via a special adapter. Thanks to its automatic recognition of the calibration parameters of all your sensors, you can measure with the utmost precision and sensitivity.

Its sturdy, lightweight aluminum casing and integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery provide the VFTI torque and force display with a long service life. ergonomics ideal for use as a portable device both on and off the factory floor. It can also be integrated into a test bench as a measuring device for use in production, quality control or R&D laboratories.

Equipped with Vector OS technology

The 5″ touchscreen runs under the Vector OS operating system: an interface to simplify use for all users. Simply slide your finger across the screen to access the configuration menus and configure advanced tests by selecting from the list of icon-driven functions. You can configure the display to include only the options you want to see. Pinch and zoom the screen to expand the live graph.

Feature details

This equipment offers enhanced test functionality and data analysis capabilities:

  • Graphical mode: identify critical test events using a curve generated live on screen
  • Peak capture: Record key test values such as the 1st and last peaks
  • Precise capture of breaking forces thanks to high acquisition rate
  • Operators alerted to test success or failure by visual alarm
  • Risk of accidental damage to force transducer minimized thanks to overload warning system
  • Integrated memory for storing results
  • Data export via PC or printer


The VFTI readout console features a two-zone display, with the upper zone clearly displaying peak values in a pre-selected unit of measurement. The lower zone draws a live graph of force or torque. This makes it easy to identify critical events, which cannot be determined solely by a peak value. The layout of the lower zone can be modified to display a statistical overview, which calculates the max, min, mean and standard deviation from the peak values captured and stored in the equipment’s internal memory.

Technical informations

Torque measurement units

Nm, mN.m, cN.m, daN.m,, lbf.ft,

Force measurement units

N, mN, cN, daN, kN
kgf, gf
lbf, ozf

Internal sampling rate

5,000,000 Hz

Acquisition frequency

2000 Hz

Data output

RS232, 32 GB micro-SDHC card


5" touch screen

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