Mechanical force gauges AS et AS-M

The wear-free high capacity load cell

Mechanical needle traction dynamometer, high precision lifitng device.

The mechanical force gauges AS, AS-M are designed for measuring static forces under overhead cranes, tower cranes or any lifting and handling device.

Provided with a large-sized or smaller needle dial (Version M) for use in confined spaces, the AS breaks down into two ranges of 6 models covering forces of 500 to 6000 daN.


Advantages of the AS/AS-M mechanical force gauges

  • Stength and longevity
  • Over 15 000 copies sold for 60 years.
  • Approved in many organizations
  • 2 size of reading dial


Carrying case for AS models
Hooks & rings


Order references

Capabilities AS Model AS-M Model
500 daN AS 500 AS-M 500
1000 daN AS 1000 AS-M 1000
2000 daN AS 2000 AS-M 2000
3000 daN AS 3000 AS-M 3000
5000 daN AS 5000 AS-M 5000
6000 daN AS 6000 AS-M 6000

Technical informations


9 Kg




Ø250 for the AS model
Ø190 for the AS-M model


Needled articulated

Zero setting


Safe overload

25 %


± 1.5 % of EM

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