With both the environment and the economy in mind, manufacturers are rapidly changing their packaging:

  • Thickness reduction
  • Use of consumer refills: doypacks, flexible pouches,
  • Introducing new bio-based materials

Manufacturers need simple, effective, affordable control systems that are adapted to production environments.

Regulatory packaging instructions ADR P620 and IATA Y96 require resistance to a minimum referenced internal pressure differential, and this equipment meets these specifications.

For example, burst testing and the associated DIN 55508 standards are suitable for laboratory development, but not for production areas. Our control method is an interesting alternative to the burst test.

The Compresspack solution for flexible packaging

Once the resistance thresholds for the packaging have been determined, the equipment deployed in the production environment or in the laboratory can be used to apply an external compression force, fitted with pressers adapted for optimum application (centered, flat, sized). This makes the test non-destructive.

A few advantages

  • Fast, ergonomic testing without sample preparation
  • Product program, integrating standards into equipment
  • Self-monitoring of test conditions and electronic validation by the operator
  • Save/export results to all IT systems (ERP, SPC, Excel, etc.)
  • Ready for quality requirements currently being rolled out: CFR 21 Part 11 (audit trail, user management, etc.)
  • The equipment is designed to be used for many different samples.
  • Moderately priced equipment

Use cases

RCV glass compression test

The Compresspak can be used to test vials under dynamic compression (at high speed) to simulate the shocks received when pumps are installed on production lines.

Flexible packaging strength test

Check sealing of flexible packaging (pouches, refills, bags, Doypak, etc.).

Leak test for mini-tubes

Development of a test for simultaneous testing of 8 mini-tubes with a custom presser.

ACRN will be happy to show you the compresspack and examine your samples. We can help you set up the test, based on the packaging charts we’ve been building for 15 years.