Torque control under CTV screwdriver

For manual and semi-automatic hybrid screwdrivers

The CTV is an adjustable screwdriver head control device combined with an XA electronic readout console.

Screwdriving simulators act like a screw thread, enabling the consistency of equipment (screwdrivers) to be measured without impacting the sensor.

By positioning the CTV under the screwdriving heads, the static torque generated by the machine can be monitored on-line.


Periodic inspection of screwdrivers

This equipment makes it possible to carry out periodic inspections of screwdrivers, and offers a number of important advantages. These checks guarantee worker safety by reducing the risk of accidents due to mechanical failure. They also help maintain optimum screwdriver performance, ensuring maximum productivity. They help to extend the life of screwdrivers by detecting signs of wear and making the necessary repairs. These checks also ensure compliance with the standards and regulations in force in certain sectors, which is why they form part of a preventive maintenance strategy, enabling potential problems to be identified before they become critical. All in all, this equipment is important for setting up periodic checks on screwdrivers that offer safety, performance, durability, compliance and preventive maintenance.

Gain a better understanding of torque deviation phenomena in screwing processes

CTV helps you understand the change from couple in the process from clamping present several benefits. This guarantees the reliability from assembly, avoid visit problems sealing and from safety, optimizes visit procedures from tightening, improves the quality and the traceability, and reduced visit risks from outage and visit costs from maintenance. Visit including visit factors which influence the change from couple, you can adjust visit settings from tightening, adapt visit tools and techniques used, and put at place from methods from control and from monitoring for guarantee a assembly precise, reliable and compliant.

Supplied with :

  • Square drive adapter
  • Screwdriving simulator and includes
    Adapter ¼
    ” HEX – ¼” HEX

  • COFRAC calibration certificate
  • Transport case


  • Dummy caps in aluminum or resin
  • Workbench support



Technical informations


From 0.04 to 2 N.m
From 0.2 to 10 N.m
From 1 to 25 N.m
Larger capacities on request

Internal Sampling rate

1000 Hz


About 1 Kg

Adapter interface

Female square ¼

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