Easily export your measurement data to your usual software.

DataXport® allows you to connect ACRN equipment to your PC and export values at the touch of a button on the equipment.

Easy to use, it allows devices to enter the measured value on the active software like a keyboard.

The sending of the value is done by pressing the button of the control machine or automatically. All you have to do is set the action after the entry (Enter key, Semicolon key).

Data Xport Data sheet


Use case:

  • Collect a series of measurements over the tests
  • Allow a table (Excel®)
  • Enter the value in program cell, web page…

With this software that does not require installation, the ACRN equipment will be “Plug and Play”

Use software

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Delivered with:

  • USB key with software and instructions in pdf file
  • RS232 to USB cable to connect ACRN equipment
  • 1 License code


  • Specific software development on estimate
  • Additional license

Technical informations

Operating System (OS)

Windows 7® and subsequent


No installation required; No administrator session login required


Lifetime license for 1 equipment


English, French


English, French

50 Mo

Compatible with

Torquemeters NBA and NCA
XA & XAm Acquisition Console, Vacuum Leak Tester CTEX,
Compressiomètre ATS-X, Contrôleur de pression d'aérosol PA- X

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