Communicate with your ACRN devices in ethernet / IP

IPXPORT lets you pass information from a serial port (COM port) of an ACRN machines to an Ethernet network.

In a few moments, connect your devices to your network.

You can take advantage of the features of the communication protocol of ACRN devices:

  • Sending of the measured value on pulse, automatically or on interrogation
  • Time stamp, unit, …



In what situations should IP Xport be used?

  • “Connected Plants” projects
  • Centralization of production control data by connectiong control devices to the network.
  • Archiving on a PC in production station
  • Implementation of a SPC Plant software or other information system modules

ip xport


  • Cable Serial to Serial
  • IP Xport Box
  • 5V power supply with adaptater
  • Connection guide
  • Communication protocol guide for ACRN devices

Configuration of the serial link

Data bits 5,6,7,8
Stop bits 1,2
Check bit None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
Baud rate 600 bps~230.4Kbps

Schema Ip Xport

Hardware compatibility:

  • Torquemeters NBA, and NCA
  • Terminal XA et XAm
  • Vacuum box CTEX
  • Tube seal tester ATS-X
  • Aerosol pressure controler PA-X

Ethernet Specifications

Work mode TCP Serveur, TCP, UDP Client, UDP Serveur, HTTPD Client
Maximum client IP 16 clients max in server mode
DHCP supported Yes
Connexion control Heartbeat functionnality

Technical informations

Connector A

COM Port (SERIAL) SUB-D female (for ma cable) 9 points

Connecteur B

Ethernet Port RJ45


71 x 60 x 25mm

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