Leak test chamber CTEX-GM

The model big series for specific tests

It has a quick programming system, driven by an ergonomic menu. Cycles are pre-programmed by the user go up and go down in depression according to a predefined time.

The operator valids the conformity of the sample by a simple visual inspection of the product.

This model is available with a vacuum pump system for vacuuming.

CTEX-GM Data Sheet




  • Fast, ergonomic and easy to use
  • Visual reading
  • Reliable and economical
  • Adapted to the production envrionment / Robust
  • Test on receipt of raw materials, in production, before shipment in large series
  • Pressure sensor in the control box
  • Traceability by a printed time-stamped ticket containing the test information or by data export software

Technical information

Box Transparent PMMA box with front door opening
Range of measurement and accuracy From -0,1 to 0,85 Bar as standard, Accuracy +/- 2%
Reading the depression Digital display: ergonomic menu with only 3 keys
Units Bar, Psi
Power supply – Compressed air or Vacuum pump
Thickness 30 min according to the RDM study
Depression adjustment Electronic
Printing Printer embedded tickets for ticket stamped
Depression time Adjustable delay from 0 to 4 000 s
Principle of the test Visual
Temperature From 0 to 40 °C
Standards IATA, ASTM D6653;D4991;D5094;D4169, EN 14401, DIN55528


Model without printer
Software for acquisition data bit by bit towards any PC software: Data Xport
Air drain valve for easy return to PA.
Vacuum pump replacing compressed air


  • A calibration certificate LNE / COFRAC

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