Vaccuum leak testing

In packaging control, leakage tests on liquid and semi-viscous products can be carried out directly on the production line. They are carried out by placing a chamber under vacuum and allow the operator to immediately visualise a leak on a sample.

ACRN boxes are available in a variety of sizes and options. Some models offer an on-board printer for direct reporting of results.

Three different tests are possible:

-The dry test for liquid or semi-viscous products: the product leaks out of the packaging when it is put under pressure (e.g. perfume bottles)

-The immersion test, to test packaging containing air, the leakage is noted by the appearance of bubbles in the water (e.g. food trays)

-The methylene blue test, for products with a little air and compact packaging, the blue is reintroduced into the packaging when it returns to atmospheric pressure and indicates a leak. (e.g. compressed blister pack)

ACRN Benefits:

    • An exchange and a preliminary study of your products
    • FREE TRIAL OF YOUR PRODUCTS, support on site or by videoconference
    • Advice on test standards and threshold recommandations
    • More than 25 years of experience in packaging testing
    • A large number of options