Mechanical Torque Wrenches

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What is a torque wrench ?

Do you want to apply an accurate torque to your tightenings? The torque wrench is an indispensable tool for you. It will prevent you from any possible deterioration due to over tightening.

The torque wrench is recommended in many jobs where a precise tightening is required, such as in mechanics for the maintenance or repair of motorcycles, bicycles and cars..

What is the purpose of the torque wrench?

The torque wrench is used to tighten or loosen a defined force called “torque”, of assembly screws or nuts.

Once the desired torque is reached, the mechanism of the torque wrench emits a specific sound more or less audible depending on the torque applied, this sound is similar to a click.

The torque wrench is an adjustable tool to fit your use whether it is for automotive, heavy duty or farm equipment for example..

How to select the torque of your torque wrench?

To select the torque of your torque wrench you need to use either the digital display screen or a vernier. A vernier is a scale of graduation that will allow us to select a value manually.

What is the unit used to express its torque?

The units that can be used to express the torque of a torque wrench are Newton-meters (Nm) or meter-kilo (

For example, a torque of 20 Nm (which is equivalent to 2 represents a force exerted by a mass of 1 Kg which would be at the end of an arm of 1m .

Does a torque wrench need to be calibrated?

Yes this tool must be calibrated and checked before being put on sale because it is certified to meet the standards. Indeed the torque wrench is a fragile tool, so it should not be dropped to prevent it from becoming out of adjustment. If this is the case, it is important to have it recalibrated..

Is there a tool similar to the torque wrench ?

For meticulous fastenings such as for electrical panels, bicycle and automobile linkages.. It is possible to use torque screwdrivers specifically adapted.
They are characterized by their ability to “disengage” i.e. the screwing head blocks but the handle continues to turn in the vacuum once the desired torque is reached.