Electronic Torque Wrenches

Electronic torque wrenches are tightening tool that uses an electronic load cell to measure the tightening tension on screws and bolts. These tools are often used for applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability, such as: industrial maintenance, construction, aerospace, automotive.

Electronic torque wrenches can be used manually or automatically and can be programmed to achieve a specific torque. Torque data can be viewed in the tool or stored for later analysis. Depending on the model and manufacturer, electric torque wrenches can be more accurate and reliable than mechanical torque wrenches.

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What is the difference with a mechanical torque wrench ?

The main difference between an electronic torque wrench and a mechanical torque wrench is the way they measure torque. Electronic torque wrenches use an electronic load cell to measure the torque, while mechanical torque wrenches use a lever and spring mechanism.

Electronic torque wrenches are often more accurate than mechanical torque wrenches, and they are also more reliable because they are less prone to misuse or wear.

Electronic torque wrenches may have additional features such as data logging, tension programming, real-time tension display.