Torque wrenches and screwdrivers

Main areas of application: controlled tightening, tightening control of screws/nuts.

When assembling manufactured products (mechanical, electronic, computec, etc.) a target torque must be respected.

This torque allows:

  • To exert sufficient tension on the screws to keep the components in contact
  • To compensate for shocks and vibrations that may exert stresses…

This torque must be determined for each “screw-nut” system according to the application and respected by the industrialist who will use this system. For example, a car nut must be tightened to between 60 and 80 N.m.

ACRN has a wide range of torque spanners and screwdrivers, from mechanical torque spanners to electronic torque controllers.

For torque ranges from 0.5 to 2000 N.m

For all torque ranges. We guarantee accuracy and the products are supplied with a calibration certificate from our metrology laboratory.

Here are the different types of torque spanners and screwdrivers that we can offer you:

Pre-adjusted torque spanner with fork (also called 2-sided)

Pre-adjusted fork torque spanner

Ratchet torque spanner, pre-adjusted or not with interchangeable bits

Torque spanner with interchangeable head, adjustable or preset

Extended torque spanner for tightening hard-to-reach nuts (e.g. hub nuts on trucks and buses)

Electronic or digital torque spanner

Dial or needle type torque spanner

Adjustable release torque screwdriver

Pre-set torque screwdriver

Dial-type torque screwdriver

Torque measuring gauge (very low torque from 10g to 15