Torque measurement

Simply measure the torque under industrial screwing machines

Measuring the unscrewing torque of packaged sample caps can reach limitations.

Checking the tightening torque, verified directly under the screwdriver, is useful in the following cases:

  • Know the real value of the static torque applied to the products to be screwed
  • Check the repeatability of the screwing machines
  • Provide additional information to diagnose the various problems of your packaged products (sealing, screwing, etc..)
  • Check that the unscrewing torque problems are not related to the machine
  • Collect preventive maintenance and process control data

Data sheet Torque controller under screwdriver



System description

Measurement console XA-m

Embedded sensor with a capacity from 0.5 to 25 N.m

Upper standard drive with female

Base with hole drilling

Central body of the sensor casing

Dimensions for female square:



Possible adaptations for the top drive of the srewing machine:

-Other dimension of squares

-End caps

-Dummy caps

Torque measurement


Possible adaptations fot the plinth:

Customized base for adaptation of buckets or specific dimensions.

Torque measurement

Options and accessories

Extended wires
Additional sensors
Dummy caps
Drive adapters


Technical informations

Type of sensor

Self-stabilizing reinforced static torque sensor

Capacity (N.m)

0.5/ 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 25


N.m / lbf.inch / /


See outline below

Weight (sensor kit)


Sampling rate

5 000 Hz


0.1 % FS


0.001 N.m


Sensor offset indicator

Safe overload

150 %

Standard drive

Female square ¼’’

Power supply

220 V / 50-60 Hz

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