Dynamometric Screwdrivers

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What is a torque screwdriver ?

The torque screwdriver is indispensable for your mechanical work. It is used to screw or unscrew a screw in a material. But the torque screwdriver is also used to precisely screw in screw head fasteners and bolts. The accuracy of the torque is the main difference between a torque screwdriver and a conventional screwdriver.
Torque is the amount of rotation to twist an object, it is adjustable and can be adapted to many uses.

What are the advantages of a torque screwdriver?

Unlike a conventional screwdriver, accuracy is one of the advantages of a torque screwdriver. Accuracy on a tightening datum will limit the risk of breakage on your worked parts.

The second advantage of a torque screwdriver is its uniformity of tightening, in fact it will be easy for you to do a job in series with the same tightening or loosening value.

How to choose a torque screwdriver?

First, you need to choose a screwdriver that is easy to use, meaning that setting the torque value should be as simple as possible. Also, the scale value should be easily visible.

Secondly, the handle of the torque screwdriver must be ergonomic for the comfort of the user’s hand which will facilitate the repeatability of measurements. For this consider the shape and texture of the screwdriver.

And thirdly it is important to choose a torque screwdriver having a torque indicator in order to easily know, when is the desired torque reached. Often the indicator is simply sound, in fact the screwdriver emits a simple “clack”.

Are there similar tools to these screwdrivers?

Yes, there are other tools that can help you measure the torque of your various screws and bolts. For exemple, torque wrench used with a screwdriver bit will have the same use as a torque screwdriver.

However, it is important to check that the wrench has the correct torque range for your application.