Acratork Torque Calibration Analyser

A torque wrench controller is a device used to monitor and regulate the torque applied to a screw or bolt. They are commonly used for applications requiring high accuracy and repeatability, such as industrial maintenance, construction, aerospace, automotive.

A torque wrench tester can be used with an electronic or mechanical torque wrench to obtain a specific torque. It can be programmed to display or record torque wrench voltage data and can also be used to trigger alarms or automatic actions when wrench voltage limits are exceeded.

Torque wrench controls can be used in series tightening applications where maintaining a constant tightening tension on a series of screws or bolts is essential. It can also be used in critical tightening applications where improper tightening tension can result in property damage or injury.

There are many types of torque wrench controllers on the market, some more sophisticated than others.

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