Torque meter and torque measurement

The concept of mechanical torque is present in the manufacture of a large number of manufactured products. Torque control and measurement are essential for manufacturers.
For example, in the bottling industry, the torque is often related to sealing problems or comfort of use . Clamping of moving parts or parts subject to vibration (e.g. car wheels).
It is therefore clear that these controls are essential for safety, quality and marketing issues, but also forlegal issues.
ACRN is an expert in torque measurement and offers its products and services in these main fields of application:
– Packaging or bottling industry :
See Tabletop torque meter et Motorized torque meter

– Control of the tooling or on a production line :
See torque controller and static sensors

– Screw / nut tightening :
See torque wrenches and screwdrivers

What other names are used for a torque meter?

A torque meter can also be called: Tabletop torque meter, electronic torque meter or even bottle torquemeter.

In what sector of activity are they used?

Torque meters are primarily used in the packaging industry.

During bottling, the tightening torque of the “cap-bottle” system must be adapted, it must not go below a minimum threshold (risk of leakage, external contamination) and be higher than a maximum threshold (risk of very difficult opening or deterioration of the cap).

What is the principle of a torque meter?

The principle of a torque meter is to measure the unscrewing torque of bottles, flasks, samples taken out of the production line in random sampling.

Concerning the values to be respected, there are torque measurement charts which are function of the plug, diameter. We can assist you in the acquisition of a material by providing you with the usual specifications of torque measurement.

Is the torque measurement test easy to deploy?

It is a very common test in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as manufacturers/packagers of screws and spirits. It is indeed simple for handlers and inexpensive to deploy.

What other uses does a torque meter have?

These torque controllers are also used to controltorque wrenches and other types of tools.

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