A robust and versatile model

Conçu pour les environnements de production, le couplemètre électronique NBA est le choix de nombreux industriels du conditionnement pour mesurer le couple de vissage et dévissage de leurs produits.

NBA Data Sheet


NBA Strengths

Many clamps available

NBA can accommodate the very wide range of ACRN clamps, the fruit of 20 years of experience for perfect gripping of your samples

A communicating device

With several communication and printing solutions, it will integrate perfectly into your production system

ACRN Quality

– The components of our machines ensure a long lifespan and their independance allows a more efficient ans less expensive after sales service
– Permanent evolution thanks to the compositions of the machines

Key Features

Measurement torque Peak measurement torque, peak with trigger, Reset
Capacity Sensor Reinforced self-stabilizing capacity sensors (N.m): 0.5/ 1/ 3/ 5/ 10/ 25
0,5/ 1/ 3/5/10/25
Units N.m / lbf.inch / N.cm / Kgf.cm
Sampling frequency 5000 Hz
Sensor Information Sensor offset indicator in case of hardware issue
Calibration date Programmable x-calibration overrun reminder
Access limit Administrator access by configurable password
Data transmission Wide range of clamps / AutoOut-put possible


Clamps Examples


  • Battery Lithium Ion : 24H autonomy in operation
  • IP reinforced protection
  • Transport case
  • Operating tool for ribbed plug

Optional Communication & Printing Solutions

Matrix Printer SP712

Data Xport


Thermal Printer TSP 743

Data Xport


Data Xport Software

Data Xport


IP Xport Software

Data Xport



  • Mains cable
  • A calibration certificate according to ISO 6789; COFRAC connection of standards
  • A user manual
  • A clamping system

Technical informations


0,1% of full scale

Resolution de l'affichage

0,001 N.m until 10 N.m; 0,01 N.m beyond

Unités de mesure

KgF.cm, lbf.inch, N.cm, N.m



4,3 Kg


L180*P260*H80mm with studs clamp


From 4° to 37°C

Surcharge admissible du capteur

150% f.s with audible alarm beyond 2% overshoot


Ecran LCD rétroéclairé 80×21 mm


English, French, Spanish


2 years

Transmission de données

RS232 with serial commmunication protocol, optional Ethernet

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