Detection of industrial packaging leaks by vacuum

The Agileak is a new generation device with a transparent Plexiglas box connected to a touch screen control unit.

It measures the resistance of welds by vacuum and allows the localized detection of leaks in many types of packaging (flexible, semi-rigid and rigid).

Indeed, this ultra-fast test appears to be essential in various sectorsof activity such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals (to ensure product sterility), food processing (food safety), aeronautics (to ensure the integrity of electronic products).

AgiLeak Data sheet


Benefits of the AgiLeak

– Touch screen with intuitive interface (designed to be learned in less than 5 minutes)
– Designed for many types of tests (bubble test, altitude, explosion, ASTM or ISO standards)
– 11 sizes availables (boxes and cabinets)
– Traceability and validation of test conformity, Management of batch numbers; User identification with access limits
– Data integrity : advanced result analysis/export (USB/ TCPIP)
– Self-diagnosis capability (sensor drift,…)
– Simultaneous depression graph of the test
– Detachable control box for easy servicing but also removable for hostile or cluttered environments.

Different tests can be performed:

Leak test
Leak your rigid packaging (e.g. perfume bottles) or by Bubble Test for packaging containing air, by the Quickstart function (programmed vacuum and time).

Resistance test
Perfom a test on your packaging by the cycle function to test the integrity of your packaging.

Tested according to ISO & ASTM standards
Followed step by step the protocol of the standards, whose models are integrated in the equipment (ex: methylene blue test, altitude test, integrity test, bubble test, etc.)
– ASTM D3078, ASTM D4991, ASTM D6653, IATA

Explosion test
Automatically detect the explosion threshold or the rupture of the welds of your flexible packaging

Advanced test
Cycle repetition, flight simulation, complex programs with control of the speed descent in depression

Customized test
The Agileak can integrate a program developped specifically for the customer.

Types of packaging:

Flexible, semi-rigid and rigid packaging

Our different sizes of standard boxes


Useful box dimensions (mm)* Name of the model Trunk Cabinet Water immersion Methylene blue immersion Cart on request Support cylinder
L300xD300xH400 A1 X X
L400xD400xH400 A2 X X
L500xD450xH500 A3 X X
L250xD200xH150 C1 X X X
L350xD250xH80 C2 X
L350xD250xH150 C3 X X X
L350xD250xH250 C4 X X X X
L450xD350xH100 C5 X X X
L450xD350xH150 C6 X X X X X
L450xD350xH200 C7 X X X X X
L450xD350xH300 C8 X X X X X
L500xD400xH100 C9 X X X
L500xD400xH200 C10 X X X X X
L500xD400xH300 C11 X X X X X

*Custom sizes possibles up to 0,8 m3

Technical informations

Vacuum system

Venturi (compressed air) or Vacuum pump

Crankcase size

W160 x D350 x H240 mm

Power supply

110Vdc -> 230Vdc, 50hz/60hz

Maximum depression

-800 mbar for the venturi version
-950 mbar for the vacuum pump


7' capacitive touchscreen


1 mbar

Max. sampling frequency

1500 hz

Air filter

5 μm

Operation temperature

Between 0° and 40°C

System connection



Printer, RS232, TCP-IP, Exports CSV, XML USB key, open communication protocol

Image resolution

20 hz

Data collection


Number of programs


Number of test


Test duration


Traceability and Data Integrity

User rights
Automatic backup and data inviolability
Connectivity with SPC and ERP software
Audit trail


Calibration certificate

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