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To make a good torque measurement with a torquemeter, the choice of torque is important.

Here are 4 criteria to take into account when setting up your tests:

Ensure a good grip on the test piece. If the bottle, flask or canister can move during unscrewing, the torque measurement may be distorted.
Do not deform the sample. The case is made of light plastic such as mineral water, soda or juice bottles.
Centre the product. Centring the product on the sensor is essential to ensure the accuracy of the measurement within an acceptable tolerance.
Do not deform the cap: when unscrewing, the human hand tends to “ovalise” the cap. It is necessary to ensure that this ovalization does not disturb the measurement accuracy of the torque sensor.

Ensuring these 4 points allows you to get the most out of a torque meter. Translated with (free version)

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For 25 years, ACRN has been developing and marketing numerous clamping solutions adapted to your torque meters and torque controllers.
We offer simple models, adaptable and interchangeable to several samples, or totally dedicated to an exotic shape.
Please let us know the diversity of your products to be tested or ask us for the specific development of a tightening or unscrewing measurement test.
We also offer ergonomic models known as “fast” which allow for quick product changes and avoid musculoskeletal disorders for the operator or quality technician who performs numerous measurements.