Quickly control several samples from the same batch

The rapid concentric V-jaws gripping allows objects to be maintained without distorting them. Rubber bandsavoid marking the sample to be tested.

The tightening is ensured by a straight and parallel movement of the V-jaws. They can be used on all manual or motorized ACRN torquemeters. Very versatile, they can also be installed on dynamometric bench to hold objects for traction or compression tests.

Data Sheet Fast Gripping with V-Jaws



Choose the optimal ergonomics to avoid muscolokeletal disorders.

In the case of large test series, the use of this fast gripping greatly improves the musculoskeletal disorders associated with the repeatead screwing/unscrewing of samples.

The existing gripping

Small Fast Gripping

Small gripping

Large Fast Gripping

Large Gripping

Extra Large Fast Gripping

Extra large gripping
Features Mini Gripping Small Gripping Big Gripping Very Large Gripping
Gripping Mini – Maxi 3 to 40 mm 20 to 45 mm 20 to 85 mm 25 to 140 mm
Number of V-Jaws 3 2 4 4
Clamping height Ht 29 mm 59 mm 82 mm 82 mm
Tightening height Hs 20 mm 30 mm 52 mm 52 mm
Clutter out of everything Lx lg 130 mm x 30 mm 185 mm x 80 mm 250 x 100 mm 330 mm x 100m
Angle of standard V – jaws’s 90° 90° 90° 90°

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