Electronic torquemeter

Tabletop torquemeter, also known as electronic torquemeter or bottle torquemeter, is mainly used in the packaging industry.

During bottling, the torque of the “cap-bottle” system must be adapted, it must not fall below a minimum threshold (risk of leakage, external contamination) and be higher than a maximum threshold (risk of very difficult opening or deterioration of the cap).

The principle is to measure the unscrewing torque of bottles, flasks and samples taken at random from the production line.

Concerning the values to be respected, there are torque measurement charts which are a function of the cap, diameter. We can assist you in the acquisition of equipment by providing you with the usual torque measurement specifications.

Discover also our page dedicated to the repeatability of unscrewing torque measurements or the page related to motorised or automatic torque meters.

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