The gripping adapted to all shapes of can

The canister clamp, with its platform and off-center studs, holds canisters of all shapes and sizes in position and ensures the centering of the cap on the sensor.

It is removable and attaches to the bars of the 4-stud clamping bars allowing the passage form one to the other easily.

Can Gripping Data Sheet



Example of packaging

Example of packaging


Technical informations

Gripping Mini - Maxi

de 110 x 95 à 250 x 175mm

Height of the tightening studs

180 mm

Diameter of tray

210 x 180 mm

Clutter off - L x lg x h

310 mm x 200 x 140 mm

Maximum mass of the can

7 Kg

Maximum base of canister

to be documented

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