Quick clamping with interchangeable jaws

A clamping for specific shapes

The quick interchangeable jaws clamping allows samples to be kept in position without damaging them.


Thanks to its different standard or custom-made shapes, it adapts to all types of products. From cosmectic cream jars to ball deodorants going through perfume bottles of all shapes and cans.


With its toggle clamp system, this clamping allows you to quickly change the sample without touching the pre-set setting. Similary, for the series change, the removable jaws change in few secondes.


Allows for a large number of quick change jaws during testing, but also for the recreation of new jaws that may be needed for new samples.

Furthermore, jaws can be custom-made to match the shape of the product to be tested.

Clamping With Interchangeable Jaws Data Sheet


Use case:

With its different opening capacities, the V-jaw clamp is suitable for(e.g. water, soda..), flasks(round oor complex shaped) as wellas rectangular or square containers.
It is used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in general but is also used in other industries.


There are several types of jaws available to perfectly meet the requirements of our customers:

Round jaws

Quick clamping with interchangeable jaws

Flat Bottom Round Jaws

Quick clamping with interchangeable jaws

90° V-shaped removable jaws

Quick clamping with interchangeable jaws
Types Diameter Reference
Round removable jaws 30 – 50 mm 88 000 22
Round removable jaws 50 – 70 mm 88 000 23
Round removable jaws 80 mm 88 000 24
Flat removable jaws 88 001 09
Removable parallel jaws
90° removable V-jaws 88 000 99

schema mors

Technical informations

Clamping height Ht

Large clamping: 82 mm
Extra large clamping: 82mm

Tightening height Hs

Large clamping: 52mm
Extra Large Clamping: 52mm

Diameter of trays

Large clamping: 180mm
Extra large clamping: 180mm

Clutter out of everything L x lg

Large clamping: 250 mm x 100 mm
Extra large clamping: 330 x 100mm

Use without tray on bench in traction

Large clamping: No
Extra large clamping: No

Use without tray on bench compression

Large clamping: Yes
Extra large clamping: Yes

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