Manoeuvring tool for unclogging of cap

Improve the repeatability of your torque opening measurements.

Equip your operators with this custom-designed manual tool for your corks. It will considerably reduce the human effects (weight, ovalization,…) that affect the repeatability of torque measurements on manual torque meters.

Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders related to repeated bottle unscrewing.



Improve the repeatability of your torque measurements.

Leak testing of bottles or flasks is traditionally done with a tabletop torque meter.

Issues of repeatability of measurements may arise, particulary between different users of the equipment.

Indeed, measurement bias can occur between individuals. This is what is commonly known as the human effect.

The two main bias factors are:

-The ovalization of the cap by the action of the user’s hand, when the thread is integral with the outside of the cap.

-The pressure exerted by the user on the cap when unscrewing, which increases the friction on the thread.

The speed of unscrewing is often mentioned, yet it has less influence on unscrewing measurements.

This unscrewing tool is suitable for grooved or non-circular caps.

Due to its shape and design, it considerably reduces ovality and greatly reduces the human tendency to press on the cap.

Demonstration manoeuvring tool

Combined with a good user awareness, you will obtain a noticeable improvement of the repeatability of your unscrewing measurements.

From simple caps to complex shapes, our design office is able to design and produce these tools.

Please contact us and send us copies of your caps.


Technical informations


Aluminium ou resin, stainless steel on request

Max torque



Machining, resin coating or 3D printing


Depending on the sample

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