The electronic precise model

The ATS-X is the electronic weld integrity inspection tool for plastic and metalloplastic tubing, and veriies that there is no leakage under the effect of a crushing force applied to the test sample.

Like ATS, ATS-X is necessary for reliable and accurate quality control of your welds that may show defects after heat sealing.

It’s a simple, fast, affordable and completly reliable test deployed in various packaging manufacturers.

Data sheet ATS-x


As a reminder, it allows to two kinds of tests to be set up:

  • Micro-leak test which increases with pressurization and causes bursting
  • Burst test to determine the strength of welds.

Its electronic sensor associated with the multiple different press and positioning accessories gives it excellent repeatability and precision of measurements.


  • Precise test and completely repeatable
  • Precise localization of the leak
  • Existing solutions for a large number of tubes and packaging
  • The sample holder has an adjustable stopper, allowing testing of a wide variety of samples shapes
  • Realization your tests in complete safety thanks to the transparent polycarbonate safety cover preventing its opening during the test and the start of a cycle once opened
  • Transparent receptacle cleanable in case
  • Traceability via a time-stamped ticket printer or data export software
  • Precise electronic force sensor



Special anvils on request
Calibration Kit
Anti-marking kit
DataXport software


Technical informations

Crush tube

Crushes PVC tube on rigid metal frame, transparent unbreakable polycarbonate casing

Power supply

Compressed air from 0 to 10 bars


Electronic force sensor with 3 N of resolution

Pressure force

50 to 1000 N

Time delay

Electronic timer up to 999 seconds
time delay at +/- 1 second

Connection power supply

Connection to the compressed air network by Rislan tube 8mm outside diameter


Time-stamped ticket printer

Useful dimensions

W300xD280xH490 mm


13 kg

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