ATS-XD Modular Electro-Pneumatic Welding Tester

The modular electro-pneumatic model

The electro-pneumatic ATS-XD is suitable for doypacks, pouches and tubes of all kinds.

For an utilisation on the production line or in the laboratory.

Why do you have to test your weld ? During the heatsealing process, defects in the weld can appear dur to the temperature of the electrodes and the presence of impurities. The implementation of a crush test allows to verify the integrity of the weld of your sample, and thus the absence of leakage or microleakage. This test is essential to validate the reliability of the weld.

This is a fast, simple and totally repeatable test deployed by many packaging manufacturers.

ATS-XD Data Sheet



The ATS-XD weld tester is used to check the weld strength of plastic or metal packaging containing liquid or semi-viscous products such as: doypack, doypack refill, pouch, bag, tube.

Two tests

The advantage of this product is that it canperform two different tests thanks to its digital interface in which the user can vary the pressure force and test duration.

  • Test with micro-leakthat grows with the pressure and causes a burst
  • Burst test to determine the resistance of welds


Simple, fast, reliable and fully repeatable testing

Adapted to production environments thanks to innovative and intuitive design:

  • Cleanability thanks to its multi-opening door
  • Magnetic pressers quickly interchangeables according to the type of packaging
  • Wide range of capacities from 10 kg to 3,300 kg in pressure force depending on the pneumatic cylinder

Easy to use digital interface with traceability of results via printer

Precise location of the leak

No maintenance

Specific housing on request for precise adjustment of the positioning of your samples ensuring very good repeatability of your measurements


Specific pressers
Specific support plate

According specifications according to the support face

ATS-XD 400 ATS-XD 2200 ATS-XD 3300
Force min 20 kg 400 kg 400 kg
Force max 400 kg 2 200 kg 3 300 kg
External dimensions L 530 * D 400 * H 700 mm L 400 * D 340 * H 580 mm L 400 * D 340 * H 580 mm
Inside dimensions for sample L 200 * D 270 mm L 200 * D 270 mm L 200 * D 270 mm
Weight 25 kg 65 kg 65 kg

Technical informations

Crushing of doypacks

PVC doypacks crusher on rigid metal frame, unbreakable transparent polycarbonate door

Painted mild steel support frame

Air supply

Compressed air from 0 to 10 bars

Power supply

220 – 230 V / 50 – 60 Hertz

Pressure adjustment

Pressure regulator


Pressure gauge graduated from 0 to 10 bars


Adjustable from 2 to 999 secondes at + / – 1 seconde


Emergency stop button / door switch

Power supply connection

Connection to the compressed air network by means of a Rislan tube with an external diameter of 8mm

Digital output


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