Spring-action vice clamp are lightweight clamps designed for grippinf film, paper, labels, tape and other thin materials for tensile and peel-testing. Ideal for testing at low forces, the clamps are fitted with adjustable serrated interlocking jaws. Often used with the chain link assembly for ease of sample loading and for alignment.


Use for tensile and peel testing of: Films/ Rubber/ Flexible sheet materials/ Woven fabrics/ Paper/ Tissue/ Laminates/ Tape/ Textiles

Torque accessories Data sheet


Technical information

Capabilities Thread 1 Jaw capacity Jaw Width Lenght
200 N 20 kgf 45 lbf 10-32 UNF 3 mm (0.12″) 16 mm (0.63″) 66 mm (2.60″)

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