Methylene blue leak testing

How does the methylene blue integrity test work ?

  • Clear the box
  • Stress the package for the predefined test time and pressure
  • Purge the box and leave the blister in the methylene blue, under atmospheric pressure, which ensures the penetration of the dye into the capillary ends
  • Remove the package and check for the presence of methylene blue

It makes it possible to test, by vacuum, in particular to the migration of a tracer product, called methylene blue, the tightness of samples such as blister packs or pouches, yogurt, trays, mechanical assemblies, etc…

This benchtop instrument automatically performs the classic methylene blue test and bubble emission test, with accurate, definable and reproducible results.

If the company can’t provide this kind of supply, there are models called CTEX-Bi, which can work with vacuum pumps up to -920 mbar.

Use case and standards

ISO 88871-5: Elastomeric elements for parenteral administration and devices for pharmaceutical use

ASTM F3039: Detecting Leaks in Nonporous Packaging or Flexible Barrier Materials by Dye Penetration

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You have to choose the most efficient solution for your needs, for that you will have to choose between our two control boxes and a box of adapted size.

Choice of the box

For the methylene blue test we offer two different control boxes:

The CTE-Bi

The 100% pneumatic methylene blue test chamber, works with compressed air.
This model is advantageous since its test is fast, ergonomic and easy to use. It is possible to control the vacuum with a pressure reducer but it is also possible to control the timing of the test.
The operator can stop the test at any time by pressing the emergency stop button on the front of the device.

The CTE-Bi is a box adapted to the production environment due to its robustness.

Electro pneumatic box


The electropneumatic methylene blue leak test chamber, can operate with a vacuum pump or compressed air. It will provide you with very accurate data thanks to the use of a precise pressure sensor (+ / – 3 mbar) located in the control box.

Robust model suitable for the production environment. Traceability through a printed time-stamped ticket containing the test information or through a data export software.

Vacuum value and time fully configurable in different programs that can be cycled for complex test simulations.

Choice of housing

For the methylene blue leak test, ACRN offers a standard size box of W250 x D200 x H150 mm, with a weight of 7 Kilos and a volume of 7.5L. However if you would like a more specific size please contact us.

Our different sizes of standard boxes


Useful box dimensions (mm)* Name of the model Trunk Cabinet Water immersion Methylene blue immersion Cart on request Support cylinder
L300xD300xH400 A1 X X
L400xD400xH400 A2 X X
L500xD450xH500 A3 X X
L250xD200xH150 C1 X X X
L350xD250xH80 C2 X
L350xD250xH150 C3 X X X
L350xD250xH250 C4 X X X X
L450xD350xH100 C5 X X X
L450xD350xH150 C6 X X X X X
L450xD350xH200 C7 X X X X X
L450xD350xH300 C8 X X X X X
L500xD400xH100 C9 X X X
L500xD400xH200 C10 X X X X X
L500xD400xH300 C11 X X X X X

*Custom sizes possibles up to 0,8 m3