ACRN is delighted to be joining the Cosmetic Valley, and to be working with industry partners and customers of our packaging quality control equipment.

Cosmetic Valley is a French competitiveness cluster specializing in the cosmetics industry. It brings together companies, research laboratories, educational establishments and public bodies in the field of cosmetics. It is located mainly in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France, with members throughout the country.

The competitiveness cluster aims to boost the competitiveness of the French cosmetics industry by promoting collaboration between companies, research institutes and universities. It encourages innovation, research and development, and promotes training and employment in the cosmetics sector.

Cosmetic Valley plays an important role in creating synergies and partnerships between industry players, thereby stimulating innovation and accelerating the development of new technologies and cosmetic products. The cluster also organizes events, training courses and collaborative research projects to support the growth of the cosmetics industry in France.

The Cosmetic Valley Board of Directors met on October 20, 2022 and approved the membership of 30 new members.

We are therefore including this organization in the“TESTS & ANALYSES” category.