Lower & upper fixing plate with 4 pegs

Torque Fixing Plates have been developed specifically to fit to the Vortex range of Torque testers.

Upper Fixing Plates connect directly to the torque sensor and Lower Fixing Plates connect to the motor spindle of the Vortex.

Upper and Lower Fixing Plates can be used in combination with each other.

Alternatively they can be used individually in conjunction with other grips or custom fixtures.


They are a useful general-purpose grip offering highly versatile clamping of specimens, being fully adjustable to accommodate a varierty of forms.

Four rubber-coated pegs are available with each Fixing Plate and are screwed into appropriate threaded holes to suit your specimen dimensions. The pegs are then tightened using the handle and leadscrew to secure the specimen in place.

Technical Information

Model Thread 1 Opening Ø max & min Tray Ø (A) Height  Weight Height of studs (35mm)
Lower 4 x M4 10 – 190 mm 188 mm 188 mm 950 g Included
Upper 4 x M4 10 – 78 mm 100 mm 100 mm 475 g   Included

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