When seeking to hold small components or assemblies for torque testing it is often possible to use the flexbility provided by a standard machine-chuck.
Lower “keyless” 4-jaw Chuck (large) fitted with a round shaft for connection to the motor spindle of Vortex torque stands. Jaws may be tightened by hand or using the levers provided.
Each 4-jaw chuck is delivered with 3 setf of interchangeable jaws which can quickly and easily be fitted using the fixing screws supplied.

Max opening of chuck = 80 mm Weight including jaws = 1400 g


Technical information

Opening of the different Jaws
Mini Min 1 mm – max 37 mm Contact height: 31mm
Standard Min 37 mm – max 72 mm Contact height: 14 mm
Long Min 10 mm – max 42 mm Contact Height: 32 mm

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