The elementary model

The CTS allows, in the same way as the CTE, to test the tightness of industrial packaging such as vials, bottles, flasks, etc.

Suitable for production environments, it features only a fully pneumatic system, capable of creating a vacuum, a compressed air control valve to limit incoming flow, and a needle pressure gauge.

This model is available with a vacuum pump system for vacuuming.

CTS Data sheet



  • Fully pneumatic
  • No maintenance
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Customised housing possible, adapted to the customer’s needs

Technical information

Box Transparent PMMA chamber on hinge
Range of measurements and accuracy From -0.1 to -0.85 Bar as standard. Accuracy + / -2 % Fully controlled by a microprocessor card
Useful dimensions It depends on the size of box.
Reading the depression Needle pressure gauge 50 mbar resolution
Units Bar, Psi
Power supply On compressed air 7 bar network connected to Rislan® 8mm pipe. (not included) / Vacuum pumps (Max -920 mbars)
Depression adjustment Regulator with filter
Depression time Adjustable time device from 0 to 999 s
Principle of the test Visual
Temperature From 0 to 40°C
Standards ASTM D4991, ASTM D5094, ASTM D4169, EN14401, DIN55528


Decrease in depression time (venturi more powerful)
Air drain valve for easy return to PA.
Safety gas springs
Manovacuometer with needle with better resolution
Vacuum pump replacing compressed air


A calibration certificate LNE / COFRAC

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