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NCA torque testers

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Successor to the CA, the NCA torque testers is a digital measuring system with storage of values.
Ideal for packaging control, it enables the opening and closing directions torques to be followed graphically on the screw caps on the edge of the production line.

Its bar graph, comprising a low and high limit, enables the operator to quickly check the accuracy of the measured torque.
A memory for storing 200 measurements enables the minimum, maximum and the mean values recorded in the measurement campaign to be calculated and edited at the bottom of the ticket.
Incorporating the simplicity of use of the NBA, the NCA is the development requested by our customers who want a more complete device for measurement management, but who do not need full statistics.
After several months of tests in the factory of one of customers the NCA has won over all users, from the operator to the quality manager.

  • Backlight graphic display.
  • Measurements for screwing and unscrewing directions.
  • 4 measurement modes (follower, peak, resetting to 2s, resetting to 5s).
  • Bar graph enabling the development of the test to be followed.
  • 15 minimum and maximum limits programmed on the keyboard.
  • Memory of 200 values.
  • Units: N.m - N.cm - Kgf.cm - Inch.lbs.
  • Precision: ± 0,1 % of the full scale.
  • RS and Mitutoyo outputs (PC – printer).
  • Printing of the time-stamped results and 2 custom lines.
  • Printing of the minimum, maximum and mean values recorded in the measurement batch. See the ticket....
  • Ticket printer available.
  • Language: French, English, Spanish (other languages possible).
  • All personalisation possible.
  • Optional battery.
  • Connection to a second sensor possible.
  • Choice of measuring plate: Agro or cosm/pharma.

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