ACRN TAM 4 torque tester

The multi functional model

The TAM 4 is a full motorized torque tester composed by a precision test bench with large choice of torque sensor, with a AFTI or XA-m digital display and accessories suited to customer needs.

This device is appropriate to the laboratory / R&D world but also set up very easily at the edge of the production line thanks to his modest bulk and his robustness.

This motorized torque tester permits to generate or control with a large accuracy a screwing and unscrewing torque deleting the human effect thanks to many gripping accessories and precise control of rotation speed.




Control and visualization of the 4 parameters:

    • Rotation
    • Speed
    • Angle
    • Acceleration

To carry out the simplest to the most advanced tests: Control of unscrewing, Stop on torque, Screwing/unscrewing at a set angle, test of leakage of closing of plugs,… .

Programming of tests directly on the device

You can save up to 40 programs
The TAM torque tester integrates a powerful HMI, to perform operations and collections without the need for software and an external computer.

Adaptable to all samples

The TAM has many jaws and accessories allowing to test many different samples (smoothed caps, pumps, CRC type safety caps,…).


  • Reinforced IP protection
  • Specific jaws

Optional Communication & Printing Solutions

Matrix Printer SP712

Data Xport


Thermal Printer TSP 743

Data Xport


Delivered with:

  • Mains cable
  • A calibration certificate according to ISO6789/ COFRAC connection of standards
  • A user manual
  • A clamping system

Technical informations

Electrical and pneumatic suppy

230 V / compressed air network from 0 to 10 bars


7" backlit display


0,1% of FS


Lg 330 mm x D 500 mm
H maxi 670 mm

Maximum stroke

250 mm


15 Kg

Output data

RS232 & USB interface

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