Motorized Torquemeter

The motorized torquemeter (motorized torque meter) is the advanced version of the tabletop torque meter.

In addition to the static torque measurement of a traditional electronic torque meter, they are equipped with a means of rotation that can be fully controlled in terms of torque and angle

  • Control of rotation speeds and angles
  • Elimination of the human effect impacting on the measurements
  • Real time torque curves for in-depth analysis of torque variation phenomena during tightening and loosening
  • Complex measurements cycles such as
    • Fatigue tests
    • Angle stop
    • Torque stop
    • Opening/closing cycle

    We offer models from the simplest to the most advanced.

    Some of them are equipped with software to collect data and/or control the test bench automatically.

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The installation of this equipment requires you to ask yourself questions about your testing needs. ACRN can help you to choose thanks to our experience in the field and a review of your samples and tests to be performed, and your context (production, packaging qualification,…). Do not hesitate to contact us.