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NTT torque testers

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High-end equipment at a very competitive price, NTT is a touch digital electronic torque controller with storage of measured values and calculating statistics.

  • Its large backlit color touch screen and bar-graph with high and low limit allows the operator to quickly view the accuracy of measured torque.
  • His alphanumerical keyboard facilitates dialogue and configuration parameters either in French or in English.
  • Update40 easily programmable procedures each containing 200 memory spaces.
  • Update1 barcode reader for quick product identification and traceability.
  • It also allows to easily manage the storage memory and edit the values for a data archiving through its USB port.
  • Ideal for packaging control, it allows you to graphically follow couples tightening and loosening the screw caps production line edge as in the laboratory.
  • Possibility to connect a second external sensor MICA connector that fits the physical quantity test (Couple or Force). All clamping systems are adaptable single V or locust in 3 different sizes.
  • Its integrated identification module allows the device user to identify himself thus limiting unwanted or nuisance uses (3 badges provided: 1 red and 2 green responsible operator).
  • One is waterproof IP55 with stainless steel housing is available for work in sensitive environments.
  • Receipt printer available.
  • Two-color ribbon with printing noncompliant Red values.
  • Any possible customization.

After several months of testing in lines on one of our Clients, NTT has already conquered all users of the operator to the quality manager.

Sure of the quality of its products and building on 20 years of experience ACRN decided to increase its warranty to 3 years.


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