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NBA torque testers

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The NBA torque testers is a measurement system with a graphic display. It enables opening and closing directions torques to be read off on the screw caps on the edge of the production line.
An internal clock time-stamps the data transmitted to the printer to enable the checks to be closely monitored.
Ideal for obtaining an accurate, immediate result, the NBA has already won over different industries (cosmetic, pharmaceutical, bottling and, more recently, agribusiness.

  • Backlight graphic display.
  • Measurements for screwing and unscrewing directions.
  • 4 measurement modes (follower, peak, resetting to 2s, resetting to 5s).
  • Units: N.m - N.cm - Kgf.cm - Inch.lbs.
  • Precision: ± 0,1 % of the full scale.
  • RS and Mitutoyo outputs (PC – printer).
  • Printing of the time-stamped results and 2 custom lines.
  • Ticket printer available.
  • Language: French, English, Spanish (other languages possible).
  • All personalisation possible.
  • Optional battery.
  • Choice of measuring plate: Agro or cosm/pharma.

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