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ATSx-T Tube Seal Tester

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ACRN is the only one to propose a controller of tube equipped with a programmable regulator allowing to parametrize the device in advance by registering the characteristics of each of the tubes to be tested.

The device preserves in memory until 40 procedures that it is enough to remind to the screen or still with the reader of bar code without needing to redo any regulation of time or pressure and to pass so of a type of tube in an other one very easily :

  • Permanent control of the pressure during all the duration of the test and it about is the variations of the network of compressed air.
  • Simplicity and big precision with display in the screen of the data.
  • Tactile big screen 7 " new generation
    • Starting up of the test in the screen
    • Possible validation "Conforme" or "Not corresponding" to the screen
  • Connectivity and total traceability
    • RS232 & USB Interface
    • Printer ticket integrated.
    • Programming the batch number possible.
    • Barcode Scanner ( shower ) to identify products.
    • Badge identification module allows an authorized user to identify and limiting unwanted or untimely use of the devices.
    • Touche "Compliant" or "Non-compliant" available screen.
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