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Control of the waterproofness for the air transport of the dangerous products; an international standard aims at creating a method to be in keeping with the American legislation and IATA on the dangerous said air transport of products (labelled ONE), flammable liquids (Class 3) or toxins (Division 6.1) of the group of packaging III *, and of all other liquids at risks of the group of packaging II*.

In 2016 the standard will impose a control on the conception of products to get closer to conditions of pressure undergoes at high altitude.

Recommended by the writer of the standard at the "Head office of the operations qualities" to supply a equipment answering these requirements, ACRN already supplies this type box of test to some of the biggest manufacturers of cosmetics.

ACRN proposes now the more successful and tactile CTEx-PT in version.

It’s equipped with a vacuum pump without maintains which generates a high vacuum until 950 mbar with regulation and return mastered in the atmospheric pressure without « stress » for the products.

  • Connectivity and total traceability
    • RS232 & USB Interface
    • Printer ticket integrated.
    • Programming the batch number possible.
    • Barcode Scanner ( shower ) to identify products.
    • Badge identification module allows an authorized user to identify and limiting unwanted or untimely use of the devices.
    • Touche "Compliant" or "Non-compliant" available screen.

This device is adaptable on all type of box in manual or electronic version with or without traceability.
We can develop your existing devices without replacement of the box.

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